Boys Basketball gets ready for a Slam Dunk Season

Boys Varsity basketball team sets goals and begins workouts.

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

The Annandale Atoms boys basketball started preparing for the new season. The Atoms record last season was 4-19. They will be looking to bounce back to make this upcoming season a great season.

At the workouts the Atoms try to get in the best shape as possible, which would help them on the court in the last minutes of the game.

“When other people start getting tired and you aren’t, that’s important” said senior Dontae Johnson.

At the workouts they do sprints, agility workout, and conditioning. Sprinting helps the atoms explode down the court on a breakaway to get easy points when the defense is off guard. The agility workouts help with their agility and their ball handling on the court.

‘Workouts help any person who wants to condition their bodies for a challenge” said Matthew Behne, boys head basketball coach. “Every season is a new season. We have a lot of work to do before the team is selected. Last year’s results have no effect on this season just like 3 years ago we won 14 games had no effect on any of the following seasons” said Matthew Behne.

As for the new season goals, Behne and the team has a few, “our goal every season is to have young men who represent Annandale High school to the highest of standards. We want our players on all level of the program to do their personal best in the classroom, on the floor, and in the community.”