Atoms Writing Center is back at it

Atoms Writing Center is back! Interesting meeting is today, September 29th, in room 274 right after school at 3:00. The meeting will be quick and should only last 20 to 30 minutes.

The Atoms Writing Center is a peer tutoring group that helps students improve and gain new writing skills, “We work to improve the composition and critical thinking skills of our AHS peers by facilitating the writing process and encouraging collaboration” said Stephanie Hanson, Atoms Writing Center sponsor.

The Atoms Writing Center already has thirty trained tutors this year and are hoping for more, “I would love to have many more passionate tutors” said Mrs. Hanson.

The main goal for the Atoms writing Center is to help students with writing, “Many students completely shut down when it comes to writing. I think that working with a student tutor can really help students who struggle with writing to be a bit more comfortable” said Mrs.Hanson.

The writing center is a great opportunity for students to have fun with their writing while also improving their skills and helping others to enhance their skills. Mrs. Hanson and all of the student tutors are excited for the year and ready to get to work!