Annual Halloween Contest

Crew McCarthy and Brandon Ho


Jessica Salisbury, News Editor

Students and staff went all out this year in participating in the annual Halloween contest held on Monday, Oct. 31. Any student or staff member was allowed to participate, all they had to do was dress up and have their photo taken at any lunch.

Students had a lot of fun taking advantage of the opportunity to get in the Halloween spirit.”My favorite part was seeing everyone so happy, it’s good to see that people were creative,” sophomore Zain Ghul said.

Others enjoyed making or creating their own costumes rather than buying them. Some found it to be a great way to be creative and also enjoyed being able to be someone else for the day. “I was Sally from the nightmare before Christmas, my mom and I made my costume together,” junior Gabby White said.

Although there were many great costumes there could only be one winner for each grade.

The freshmen winner was Alex Chounramany who dressed up as a half skeleton. Chounramany painted one of his arms and half of a face in great detail to look like a skeleton.

For the sophomore class Vitalina Fuentes won dressed as Christina Yang from Greys Anatomy. “I loved making people laugh when they saw me in the hallway or at lunch” Fuentes said. Fuentes came to school wearing a blue scrub with a white lab coat and a name badge. “To prepare I had to make sure I had the correct hairstyle and accessories to really make the costume realistic”.

Anna Byrnes won the contest for the junior class dressed up as a murder victim. Byrnes wore a striped shirt and drew a very realistic bloody wound on the side of her face using makeup.

The senior winner was Ngoc-Tran Nguyen who dressed as Darla, the little girl in finding Nemo. “Everyone’s costumes were so good, I didn’t think that I was going to win,” Nguyen said. Nguyen walked through the halls wearing a purple sweater, a plaid skirt, fake braces and even had a fake goldfish to resemble the one in the movie. “ The best part was my costume only costed ten dollars”.

The staff winner was Lawrence Cooper who dressed up as a pimp. He wore a purple suit and hat trimmed with cheetah print, with sunglasses and lots of silver accessories.

The contest was a fun and cheap way to enjoy the holiday with friends and teachers. It’s not everyday students get to wear a costume to school.