Students blend Thanksgiving traditions: United States

Junior, Grace Hatch has lived in America all her life and has grown up celebrating many of the traditional holidays with friends and family. One example is Thanksgiving.

“We have a very relaxing Thanskgiving day, everyone in the family usually makes one thing” Hatch said.

Hatchs family begins the day by spending time together and keep company with the people cooking food. “My entire family comes together to hangout and eat a big dinner together,” said Hatch Since Hatch has lived in America all her life, Thanksgiving has always been a traditional holiday for her and her family.

During Thanksgiving Hatchs family eats the traditional food that you would usually eat on Thanksgiving.

“We eat turkey, mash potatoes, apple pie, stuff like that,” Hatch said.

After the meal, Hatchs family play games or watch movies to continue spending the holiday together.

“Thanksgiving to me is a time to spend with your family and be thankful for one another,” Hatch said Hatchs family and many other American families spend the Thanksgiving weekend by showing gratitude for what they have.