Science Fair Approaches

Suad Mohamed, Staff Writer

This year’s annual Science Fair will be on Wednesday, January 25, in the upstairs gym. Participants include students taking Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors and a majority of students in an IB science class. Participants have spent the past four months designing, conducting and drawing conclusions from their experiments.

“Students get a lot of benefits from participating in science fair,” Biology teacher and science fair director Caroline Gergel said.

The aim of science fair is to have students apply what they learn in the classroom to a real world scenario, as well as to learn to form and assemble their own educational conclusions. Teachers assist students along the way by having them present in front of the class and having progression checkpoints throughout the year.

“[Students] get experience for working on long term projects and doing oral presentations. They also learn to work with the scientific method and doing background research,” Biology teacher Rachel Lazar said. “Science fair gives students a chance to work with their peers and set goals.”

Students whose experiments are seen as exceptional by the teacher and parent judges will move on the the regional fair and some will even get extra credit in their science class.