Singing Valentines

Suad Mohamed, Staff Writer

This Valentine’s day, students have the opportunity to get singing valentines for their loved ones. Those buying the valentines have a list of songs to choose from. They can also choose which period that the valentine will be sent: R1, R3, R5, or R7.

“A student can purchase a singing valentine at lunch. Then on Monday the 13th, whoever is singing the song they chose will go to the recipients class and sing the song for them, plus give them the valentine and the candy,” Choir Director Patrick Vaughn explained.

“It’s an exciting experience,” said freshman Savannah Gravitt, who will be singing Lucky by Jason Mraz with senior Beckman Hollis. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do”

Regular singing valentines include a song and a valentine, and cost $5. The premium version includes a song, valentine, plus candy.
“It’s a nice way to show your love for someone,” said Vaughn. “It’s a tradition that has been going on here at Annandale for a while.”