Freshman win annual black history bowl

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

To commemorate black history month the Annandale BCAA hosts the black history bowl every year. The trivia show was held during W4/pride time on Monday, February 27 in the auditorium and select W4 classes were allowed to attend.

The freshman class came out victorious this year after being grilled on black history by this years host, Technology and Education teacher Phillip Harris. Although they will win the cash prize the other teams, sophomores, juniors and seniors, did put up quite a battle.

“[The sophomore team] mostly prepared for [the bowl] through review games like Kahoot and Jeopardy” sophmore team member Kora Coker said. “This was my first [black history bowl and] I enjoyed being with my friends and learning things I hadn’t previously known.”

The trivia based show had different categories that required the teams to have a wide variety of knowledge on many African American figures. Teams had questions aimed specifically at them and then there were ‘free for all’ rounds where any team could answer.

“The toss up questions were challenging because I could never click the buzzer fast enough” Coker said, “we didn’t really have a strategy except to answer questions as fast as we could; I think that was [our team’s] problem. I would love to redeem myself [by participating next year].”

The senior team had a different mindset.

“[We didn’t study very much] besides meeting for pride time and right before [the bowl],” senior team member Fatmata Kamara said. “[But] I wasn’t disappointed [we lost] because we did win, as a team, and the time we spent looking coordinated!.”

The overall purpose of the bowl is to raise awareness of African American contributions to society and how they has influenced daily lives.   
“I liked learning about black heritage,” junior team member Natnal Endalkachew said. “I learned about a lot of black men and women who accomplished a lot for our race that I didn’t know about before”