Leadership collecting soda tabs

Luke Elkins, Staff Writer

Every year, Annandale Leadership organizes a Battle of the Classes, or BOTC for short. Usually, certain W4’s are permitted to attend based upon a collection for materials.

Then, the classes that donate the most are allowed to attend BOTC. This year, Leadership is collecting soda tabs.

The soda tabs are collected to give to Shriners Hospital, a children’s hospital with 22 locations across North America.

Shriners Hospital uses these soda tabs to create materials for less fortunate children, for stuff like wheelchairs.

Leadership does not have a set goal for collection, they just want as many contributions as possible.

Unlike previous years, Leadership is going with a new approach to BOTC. Instead of only some W4’s being allowed to attend, they plan on having BOTC outside, so that every class can attend.

“This year we are planning on having Battle of the Classes outside. So, instead of ‘the W4 with the most tabs gets to go to BOTC’ it’ll be ‘the graduating class with the most soda tabs gets extra points towards earning the spirit stick’,” said sophomore Leadership member Rebecca Tecle.