Thrifting on the Rise

As temperatures warm up, now is the time to put some spring and variety into your closet. Various fashion trends come and go. But now there is a new and upcoming trend on the rise: thrifting or in other terms: saving money to live better.


The beauty of thrifting is endless. There is an appeal to the dusty, fluorescently-lit, loosely organized aisles of cluttered racks and shelves. Not only is thrifting a unique experience, it is the possibility of finding something really astounding and worth while that keeps the shopper from giving up and calling it a day. It is also a great example of how one’s trash can also be another’s treasure.


Consignment stores and thrift shops can save you money and allow you to spice up your wardrobe. Walking through one and digging through the endless amounts of clothes available and offered is like exploring a magical treasure trove. From designer brands to unique vintage pieces, thrifting gives you a chance to shop till you drop, but not make a huge dent in your wallet.


Thrift shopping, or thrifting, is a more affordable and beneficial way to buying clothes than the traditional, high-end shopping experience. Customers can take the pleasure and comfort of the low prices that a thrift store can offer.


Most clothes rarely cost more than $15, and many stores offer bargains or special price cuts on certain days of the week. The best part is you can buy a lot more than you could otherwise afford. Why pay more for something brand new, when you can get the same item or something better, gently used for so much less? And if you’re lucky, you might find something valuable for next to nothing.


Hlina Wondwossen, sophomore and thrifting enthusiast, rarely spends “more than $5 on any one or two items” every time she goes.


Not only does thrifting benefit one’s wallet, but also their overall wardrobe and personal style. It offers a variety of vintage and unique statement pieces that assist in pulling any outfit together. And you can do it using the past styles of so many others. Moreover, with all the different styles and brands available, you can give your wardrobe a more creative look on the cheap.


“The clothes I find while thrifting appeals much more to my sense of style than whatever I find at Forever21 or any other basic clothing store,” said Wondwossen.


Not only can customers benefit from the low prices and various styles, the gratification of giving back to those in need is pleasurable and pleasing as well. Many stores, including Goodwill and Treasure Trove, are non-profit organizations that give its proceeds back to the community. Thus, others, besides yourself, are benefiting as well.


Even with spring slowly coming to an end, it’s never too late for a little spring cleaning. Start fresh and start giving back to the community. You never know what you’re going to find thrifting, so give it a shot. You never know what you will find because there are an endless amount of possibilities.