Softball takes on Cavaliers

Friday, April 28th the Annandale Atoms faced the Woodson Cavaliers at Woodson High school.

To honor the devastating loss of one of Woodson students, Minjoo Lee, the Atoms girls tied blue ribbon around their wrist, bats, and hair ties to show their sympathy towards his family and friends. The blue ribbons are a symbol for suicide prevention. The Atoms also walked and gave flowers with blue ribbon tied around them to each Woodson player when being announced. “We wanted them to know that their loss, is our loss” said Junior, Elizabeth Corcoran.

The Atoms now heading into their second game of the second half of the season, were ready to once again face the Cavs. With a tough lost previously against the Cavs with a score of  5-19, the Atoms looked to have a better outcome.

The first inning started with the Atoms up to bat, leading off with Sophomore, Ginger Mendez, followed by Freshman, Allauna Harrison, and Sophomores, Megan Johnson and Jessica Salisbury.

With the Atoms getting no runs they headed to the field, with Allauna Harrison on the mound and Anna Byrnes at catcher. The Cavs scored 11 runs off the Atoms in the first inning.

Going into the second inning the Atoms kicked it into gear and started to make a comeback with making 6 runs off the Cavs.

Unfortunately the Atoms could not keep that lead and the Cavs scored another 10 runs off the Atoms. But before ending the Atoms were able to score another 2 runs, ending the game with a score of 8-21.

The Atoms have had many complications with coming together as a team in the field, but as games go on the girls are starting to get more comfortable with each other. They are hoping that this leads to more improvement.They did end with a smaller gap between the score then the previous game against the Cavs, which was a good improvement for the the Atoms.

The Atoms will be facing the Lake Braddock Bruins on Monday, May 1st, at Lake Braddock Secondary school. With still five games left in the regular season, the Atoms still have a lot of to keep improving and are excited for the rest of the season.