Yearbook unveils new theme for the year

The Antenna hopes to boost sales by featuring more students throughout the book


Yearbook students revealed the theme, “Face It,” for the 2018 Antenna Yearbook. They developed the concept at camp at James Madison University. This is a mock cover, and the staff will decide which students will be featured on the cover.

Binqi Chen, Co Editor-in-Chief

es a 300 page book to commemorate the successes and various activities conducted throughout the year.
However, planning for the book begins even before the start of the new school year.
Over the summer, the new leadership staff for The Antenna established the new design and layout for the upcoming school year. The theme for this year’s book will be: Face It. There are multiple meanings behind this theme.
“One [meaning] is how students have to constantly face things in their lives, whether it is big or small,” senior Cindy Le said. “The second is that Annandale is such a diverse school and there’s so many different faces you see and they all vary.”
The team also plans on changing the way feature pictures of students are taken.
“The pictures for the Q & A portions of the book are usually candid,” senior Mariam Mohamed said. “Now we are changing it so that students will be facing the camera.”
Both Mohamed and Le serve as the Editor-in-Chiefs of The Antenna, along with senior Ilhan Abdi.
After the initial construction of the theme, members of the Yearbook team then spend a week at James Madison University to further develop their ideas.
The team participated in competitions. Most importantly though, this week long residential camp allows the staff to be exposed to feedback and guidance from professionals.
“They gave us pointers and told us what they liked or didn’t like,” Le said. “They gave us pointers and told us what they liked or didn’t like, what would work and what wouldn’t work.”
Beyond the annual theme changes, The Antenna will have a new administrative change for the upcoming school year. There will be a new leadership role established amongst the staff.
Nia Lewis will be fulfilling the role of Social Media Manager. Lewis created the role in hopes that
The Antenna will have a larger social media presence and overall just more involved and active online.
This will certainly assist in the advertising and getting the news about the book out to a wider range of audiences.
There is much to anticipate for the new version of The Antenna. The book is now on sale for $65, the prices will increase as the year progresses.