Everlasting night in Neverland

Yabi Bereket, Lifestyles Editor

With the Homecoming dance slowly approaching, leadership continues to work hard to make Homecoming week something worth while.

The way that Homecoming week works is that leadership plans a boisterous week of various fun activities for the student body to participate in, along with teachers too.

All of these events lead up to the big game, which takes place on a Friday; the next day will be the Homecoming dance.

Each year, there is a new theme for the dance, and this year that theme is A Night in Neverland, based off of the Disney movie: Peter Pan.

1        Spirit week

Spirit week will be from Oct. 2-6 and as usual, leadership will decide what the theme for each day will follow. The theme for each day of the week leading up to Homecoming in most cases ties into the theme of the dance to get students hyped up for it. The spirit days this year are Pan vs. Hook Monday (superhero vs. villain), lost boys club Tuesday (wacky tacky), find your shadow Wednesday( twin day), never grow up Thursday (pajama day), and think happy thoughts Friday (freshmen wear red, sophomore white, juniors grey and seniors togas or black).

     There are more posters around the school and in the cafeteria which will have more information on the spirit days and what to wear and how you can participate. “ I love having pajama day as a spirit day in school since it’s just comfy clothes, so I’m happy that they will do that again this year” said sophomore Melat Haimanot. As students are dressing up for the spirit days, many teachers like to dress up to show their school spirit too. On the last day of the spirit week, students dress up in their class colors, and represent their class during the pep rally.   In the class competition, also known as battle of the classes. ” Me and my friends have made plans to twin with each other to match for find your shadow Wednesday” said Haimanot

2 Flick on the field

Flick-on-the-field will be on Oct. 2. at 7 p.m. There is a $5 entrance and students can bring blankets and picnic baskets to have while watching the movie. Grown Ups is the movie they will be showing and the flick will be played on the baseball field. The movie consists of a well known cast, and will guarantee a lot of laughing. Even though the movie will be projected in a field, it would be wise to try and come early so you could get a good seat. It will be projected on a big screen for everyone to watch. People who attend the fun filled night can also bring lawn chairs to sit back and relax. This has been an on-going tradition starting since 2015, and continues to stay because of the fun it provides for students, and opportunity it gives for students to be with friends.

3 The tailgate

Then there will be the annual tailgate which will be on Oct.6, from 4-6 p.m. after school. This tailgate will take place right in front of the school in the parking lot. This is a good opportunity for school clubs to try and set up their own little carnival type booth to raise funds for their clubs. “I know a lot of the classes, the student government classes are coming out for the tailgate, and I know that the senior class is doing the throw eggs at Mackenzie, there’s also going to be a lot of food” said senior Rebecca Kindling. Many of the clubs will either have fun games set up such as a pie-in-the-face booth which will be done by the class of 2019, or a backdrop with accessories to take pictures with as they did last year.

“I hope that our pie booth will be successful for us, because it seemed to be a big hit last year”said junior Sesen Beyene. “Coach Jennison was the person who got pied in the face last year for half of the event, and we’re thinking of having him or someone else as the victim.” There will be a whole lot of  snacks and there will be freshly grilled burgers and hotdogs served throughout the event. “MSA will also have a henna station”said Kindling. Almost all  of these events will cost some money so be sure to keep cash on you to try some of everything.

4 Homecoming game

The Homeocming game will be on Oct.6, at 7p.m.This is what all of Homecoming week and it’s fun events have been leading up to. he Homecoming football game will begin with the Atoms playing against the Griffins this year. After their win last year against the Wolverines, the Atoms have been feeling confident in their ability to do well for this upcoming game. It is a $5 entrance to get in, but if you come during half time, the game will be free. With the screams and cheers of friends, family, and the famous hype squad, there is strong hope and belief of the Atoms bringing home the win.

5 homecoming dance

   The homecoming dance will be on Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. This is what many students have been anticipating. Homecoming this year seems to be so soon and leaves people in a rush to quickly get things planned and ready for the big night. Whether or not the Atoms win the game the day before,  students don’t let that affect the fun they’ll have during the homecoming dance. The theme of the dance is an enchanted night in Neverland, based off of the Disney movie Peter Pan. The school gym and jock lobby will be decorated with nice designs related to the movie.