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“Geostorm” Movie Review

Pablo Gamarra, Staff Writer

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When the new 2017 film called “Geostorm” was released last Friday, people think the weather called “Geostorm” could be real or not. Some people who watched the film and learned that actors and actresses play a role that has a job to do in the movie. Actor Gerald Butler, who plays as Jake Lawson, had to do favor to save the people’s lives from disaster events. This film was science fiction and fantasy.

Scientist Jake Lawson (Gerald Butler) leaves his daughter and goes up into the ISS (International Space Station) to build and check the network of satellites. Some people think that the “Geostorm” is bad and cannot happen to the real world. After check on the satellites, Jake Lawson heard that they are malfunctioning and it can lead to a devastating worldwide meteorological event, a geostorm.This movie is different to other science fiction and disaster movies. “Geostorm” can continue a tradition to similar disaster films like “The Day After Tomorrow (2004)” and “2012 (2009)”. Some science fiction films are real or fake because the directors come up with their own ideas for every movie.

“Geostorm” was a disaster movie, some people say that it is described as “big, dumb, and boring”. Viewers find that people are reviewing footage from either surveillance cameras and recording by themselves. The mission of this film was to get information from the countries by sending them to the ISS. Another mission is to keep everyone safe from global warming and warning events. Something has gone wrong, the system built to protect earth was attacked and out of control. Some people think that “Geostorm” was one of the worst movies because critics review how the movie was bad. The movie may be a remake from “San Andreas (2015)” and are related. Disaster movies are suppose to be in real life if it can become a big and scary problem. There are problems from the film like the weather “Geostorm” doesn’t exist and it didn’t become scary at all. Some viewers say that controlling the weather can be brought by climate change. Gerald Butler and another actor named Jim Sturgess play as brothers in “Geostorm” and learned how do they relate each other. Some say that the movie soon will be “The worst movie of the year”. Mostly viewers think that the film was great this year.   

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“Geostorm” Movie Review