Seniors hold class meeting to discuss fundraising


Binqi Chen, Co Editor-in-Chief

During W4 and a portion of Pride Time on November 10, the senior class of 2018 held a meeting in the auditorium to discuss different fundraising activities to bring in more money for the middle and end of their last year. The meeting was run by the class officers and the Hardy’s, who are the class sponsors.

Executive Board Member Ricardo Pereira began the meeting with a chant to hype up the spirits of the seniors. Pereira then lent the microphone so that the academic varsity letters and stars could be announced. To receive an academic letter, the student must have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.85 through the entire last school year. The letters will be delivered to the seniors’ W4 classes.

The officers also discussed the payment of senior dues, which are $67. This year, the dues now are paid through However, the main focus of the class meeting was to discuss ways to earn money for Prom.

“The big deal for us, since we are the senior class, is to do things together,” senior class president McKenzie Yi said.

The board members are hoping to implement class bonding activities such as senior breakfasts, bake sales, and various games. During the meeting, Executive Board Member Natnal Endalkachew emphasized the opportunity at the annual student vs. faculty basketball tournament. The money raised from this event would be generated as income to the senior class. Endalkachew wants there to be a change in turnout as the years prior failed to generate a large crowd.

Seniors also can purchase class shirt for $15. This is another way to fundraise.

The most distinctive fundraising activity came near the end of the class meeting. The board members introduced a representative from team sponsor. This website is a new way for the seniors to crowdfund money for their class. Each student was guided step by step through the signup process and should have their individual accounts.

The goal is for each senior to send out 20 advertisement emails for their class and to bring in $500. There are also incentives as well, with the deduction of $5 off of a Prom ticket for every $50 dollar raised. The senior class also filmed a video together to post on the fundraising website.

The same campaign was used last year with the Boys’ Basketball teams. The outcome was successful and therefore is used this year for the entire class. Through these activities, the senior class will hopefully have a cheaper Prom as well as money left over for a potential gift back to AHS.

Even though there is a large push to fundraise, the officer’s promise that the class is not in financial crisis. The different events are a way to make events cheaper as well as adding different bonuses.

“Hopefully all this can help us remember being an Atom,” Yi said.