Fortnite Season 4 arrives with a bang

The giant meteor in the sky was just the start


Fortnite has arrived with a brand new season. The meteor has finally hit and destroyed parts of the map. The biggest meteor, which players expected to destroy Tilted Towers, has destroyed Dusty Depot.
Probably the most exciting part about Dusty Depot being destroyed is the huge crater it has left behind.
“I personally do not like the new map change, because it messes up the rotation from Retail Row,” junior Alejandro Casquino said. The new name of the place is Dusty Divot.
A “divot” is a piece of turf or grass that is ripped out by a golf club from a missed swing. This is what the crater appears like when you are skydiving off the battle bus. The map was also rumored to keep changing weekly.
A new feature of season 4 is the hoprocks that are located inside every crater across the map. Many popular Fortnite players like Ninja and TFue have made clips using these hoprocks. The hoprocks make you jump very high and give you no fall damage.
With every new season, there is an all new battle pass. For season 4, it is a bit of a let down.
“I was going to get the battle pass for this season, but the skins are random in my opinion. “If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Valor skin,” junior Vitalina Fuentes said. “The overall theme of season 4 is superheroes and villains.
The skins, which are the characters you can buy or unlock, aren’t as good as the last season, but one thing that is different is some skins upgrade with your level. The higher level you are, the more armor you can put on your skin. The very first and last skins are the only ones with armor upgrades. Although the armor does not grant you any advantage, your opponents know that you are a high level and a better player.
The final skin to unlock is the Omega skin, which also has an armor build up feature.The Omega skin itslf resembles Black Panther. This is interesting because there was a Marvel and Fortnite cross over, with a new game mode that involved becoming Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War.
Overall, season 4 has many surprises and has brought many changes to Fortnite. Students have been playing this multi-platform game on their phones, tablets, computers, and consoles everywhere.