Students adapt to schedule conflicts

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

With a new school year comes new schedules. As students begin to adjust to their new courses and teachers for the school year, it is inevitable that a number of students will face conflicts within their schedule.

Schedule conflicts typically include certain classes not being available, courses not fitting into student schedules, or more students signing up for a class than the cap allows.

When these issues arise students are typically called in by their counselors in order to adjust their schedules.

“If there are two classes that are happening at the same time and cannot fit into a schedule, all of those should be corrected by the first day of school,” counselor Mark Vitelli said.

When first-choice electives selected by students do not fit into their schedules, tough decisions have to be made by students including having to switch to a different class, dropping an elective and selecting a different one or even taking a course that does not fit into a student’s schedule online.

It is also possible for some student schedules to have to be adjusted past the first week of school.

“I had an issue with my schedule when it came to fitting HL Business into my schedule,” senior Aklesiya Abebe said.

“I believe the problem was that the IB Physics class I was signed up for was really full which prevented me from being in either class.”

However, for students attempting to switch classes based off of preference after school has begun must wait for that process to begin until a few weeks into the school year.

As the days go on in the first weeks of school, Counselors will continue to discuss options with students in order to have them enrolled in their most desired classes.

“I have a really great counselor so I am confident that the issues with my schedule will be sorted out,” Abebe said.

The opportunity to change classes will begin on Tuesday, September 11.