Atoms Writing Center kicks off school year


Jude Nanaw

The Writing Center will be opening on Sept. 17 during W4 and Pride Time.

The Atoms Writing Center will be officially opening up for business this school year on Sept. 17.

In past years, the Writing Center has always been lending a helping hand to students through tutoring them on their writing assignments.

As in past years, the Writing Center will be open during R5 and W4/Pride Time for any students who need assistance.

The club will introduce a few changes this school year that vary from past years.

“We are getting better organized every year,” Atoms Writing Center Director Stephanie Hanson said. “We are setting up and opening up a bit earlier than we have before.”

The Writing Center will be holding a freshman program again this year where freshman English students and classes will be invited and introduced to the Writing Center.

Freshmen will have the opportunity to learn more about the operations of the Writing Center and work on practice writing while getting tutoring help from AWC tutors.

“I became a tutor for the Writing Center because I thought it was a really good opportunity to help,” senior Neyda Villatoro said. “Overall, my favorite part of the tutoring process is just helping the students who come in and making sure they receive the help that they seek.” .

In addition to the freshmen program, the AWC is currently organizing times for seniors who are working on college essays to attend the Writing Center and receive help.

As a club, the Writing Center is working on placing more focus on the brainstorming and prewriting processes this year rather than the revision process.

“We are working on learning how to tutor someone who comes in with nothing,” Hanson said.

AWC tutors provide help to all students at any stage of the writing process.

“You do not need to have a completed draft to come in the Writing Center,” Hanson said. “If a student is really struggling to start an assignment or procrastinating for some reason, we will help them out.”

In addition to tutoring, the AWC will be holding workshops this year as well posting blogs to their online website.

AWC blog posts provide helpful writing tips and advice either in general or about specific writing assignments given in classes.

To check out the Atoms Writing Center website and blog posts, click here.  

“I always love seeing the Writing Center in action,” Hanson said. “It makes me really happy every time there are people in there to be tutored and tutors step up to help them.”