Google Pixel confusion causes more excitement for reveal

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

Google has made an entrance in the hardware scene in recent years, with the Google Pixel Phone, Pixel Buds, and Google Home. On Oct. 9, they are introducing their new line of devices for this year.

There have been much more detailed leaks of the Google Pixel 3. The most surprising leak having been an actual review of the device and everything that comes in the box on Youtube before its actual release date. The video raised the question if any of the leaks are real because there has never been a leak this detailed.

The details of the video leak have some theorizing that all of the leaks have been orchestrated by Google to build up hype. “I personally don’t think that they are secretly ads, ” sophomore Abraham Belayneh said. “If they want us to know what is coming there are much better ways to do it than through a way that mostly only tech enthusiasts know about and not the general public.”

To throw a wrench in their theory and to make even more confusion there are two leaks allegedly saying that it is the new Pixel 3. The first leak has the Google Pixel with a notch cutting deep into the screen and the other nearly being all screen.

The people who believe that the Pixel 3 will be all screen have claimed that the name of the device will be the Pixel Ultra. They say the justification for this is that it will be a third premium device along with the other two more affordable Pixel 3 and 3XL, just like the iPhone X was to the iPhone 8 plus last year.