First Monopoly tournament a success


Jude Nanaw

Senior Alex Bellem (left) moves his piece on the Monopoly board after a turn and Math teacher Evaristo Martins (Right) deals money as the broker for the first round of the day at the Monopoly tournament.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

Clausen Hall filled with competitive spirit on Nov. 10 as the first ever AHS Monopoly Tournament took place.

A classic fast-dealing property trading board game, Monopoly is a staple across the country.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. teachers, students and parents battled it out to earn the grand prize of $200 and a Monopoly board game.

English teacher Bill Maglisceau was the victor of the tournament and received the grand prize.

Registration for the contest was $15 for adults and $10 for students with all proceeds going to the PTSA.

The PTSA raised approximately $150 from the event and 10 Monopoly board games were donated by AHS families for use in the tournament.

The contest began with Assistant Principal Brian Valentine who is ranked within the top-three Monopoly players in the world, explaining the rules and process of the tournament.

After this, the 24 participants were divided into six randomized table groups. In the first round, the groups went on for an hour and 15 minutes. Valentine filtered around the room answering player questions about game rules.

At the conclusion of the first round, each player totaled their amount of assets.

After a short break, players were organized into new table groups for another round that lasted another hour and 15 minutes. After the second round, the top 16 players were selected and advanced to the semi final qualifiers round with Maglisceau, senior Alex Bellem, and safety and security assistant Carl Klein leading the pack.

“I would say the Monopoly tournament went really well,” Bellem said. “I really enjoyed the competition between everyone.”

The group of top 16 semi final qualifiers were then whittled down to the four final competitors for the championship game. The championship game included Maglisceau, Klein, freshman Patrick Diconi and Millbrook high school senior Luke Churchill.

After the results were tallied by Valentine, it was determined that Maglisceau was the official winner of the tournament.

The rankings were scored by total assets including properties, buildings, etc. so players strategized the best way to be in the lead after each respective round.

“I realized that other players throughout the game were looking to have money rather than properties,” Maglisceau said. “I decided that I was going to try to have as many buildings on my hotels and houses as possible because ending the game with a bunch of cash didn’t mean a lot for winning overall.”

Maglisceau led throughout the first two rounds to the championship where he clinched victory.

“I was really grateful that the PTSA set up the tournament,” Maglisceau said. “It was a cool event and something new.”

With the success of the first ever Monopoly tournament at AHS, there is potential for the PTSA to hold a second contest in the spring.

“The Monopoly tournament was very successful,” PTSA President Norma Foti said. “During planning, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would come together, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome for our first tournament.”

“I would most definitely participate again if there were a second tournament,” Bellem said. “I really started to enjoy the game of Monopoly and strategizing more and more as the tournament went on.”