Heritage Night: Celebrating the Diversity of Annandale High School

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

The annual Heritage Night here at Annandale HS auditorium will be held on Friday, March 8th, 2019. Tickets will be well worth $5, as around 10 cultures will be represented. Also, about a dozen performances will be presented, in addition to a fashion show.

Every year the Habeshas always do their traditional dance and are excited to continue that tradition. Also the “Royal Bloods of Africa” hope to represent their culture through unique song and dance.

Senior Hanan Isse said, “I am really excited to showcase my unique culture with my friends.” Isse plans on wearing traditional Somali clothing, that is known for being very colorful. “Heritage night is a great way for students like me to convey my Somali culture that I’m very proud of,” Isse continued.

Within the Fashion Show, we can expect to see clothing from Bolivia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

Sherin Kellermann-Nowrouz, who is a senior said, “I’ve done [Heritage Night] for the past two years and since this year is my last year, I’m really excited to put on a good show and represent Afghanistan in a fun way again.”

Annandale HS is one of the most diverse schools in the country, so make sure you come out to watch all the unique cultures on Heritage Night!