Filament introduces new bilingual Coffee House


Jude Nanaw

Senior Emily Trachsel performs at the previous Coffee House on Jan. 23.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

The Filament Literary Magazine has hosted an array of Coffee House events throughout the school year. The event has grown and developed as it has attracted not only new performers, but also new audience members as the location was shifted from the Bistro to Clausen Hall.

Typically during Coffee House, performers display various talents through songs, raps, poetry, one-act plays, band performances and more.

However, this upcoming Coffee House will be different as it will be centered around an international and bilingual theme.

“We have so many students that come from different backgrounds where their parents and they themselves are from other countries and cultures,” Filament Literary Magazine sponsor Leslie Chekin said. “We also have an enormous ESOL program, so it seemed fair and right to reach out and represent these students.”

Two previous Coffee House events on Oct. 31 and Dec. 12 were also based on themes, with the former being Halloween themed and the latter having a winter and holiday season theme. The international theme this time around is expected to be more pronounced in the acts and performances.

“With the bilingual concept, it creates a bridge and is more welcoming,” Filament Literary Magazine sponsor Soo-Jin Lee said. “If they [performers] see that is concept, they are more willing to bring out their other languages.”

With a wide-range of nationalities represented within the demographics of AHS, the bilingual theme to the upcoming Coffee House will provide students with the opportunity to perform in native languages. Additionally, performers may implement cultural aspects into their acts.

“We found this [the bilingual Coffee House] as a fitting accompaniment to other activities such as Heritage Night and the Just World Festival and a nod to the diversity of this school,” Chekin said.

Performers for the Coffee House which will be taking place on March 20, initially went through the audition process on March 6 where they were selected to perform. Selected performers then had a rehearsal practice last week.

“The best thing about performing for Coffee House is the opportunity to share poetry or songs with a great audience,” senior Javonte Durr-Cannon said.

Entry to the event in Clausen Hall will be $5 with baked goods and coffee being sold as well.

“We want the bilingual Coffee House to become a tradition here at school,” Chekin said.