AHS holds Annual Film Festival


IB Film holds a film festival at the end of each school year to showca

Nate Ferson, Special to The A-Blast

On May 31st, Annandale held it’s yearly film festival at 6:00 in the auditorium.

The film festival consisted of short films made by juniors and seniors from IB Film Studies SL and HL classes. Film students, parents and supporters were all in attendance to view the student films.

Films were judged by a small panel of Annandale teachers and alumni. The prizes for best actor, best actress, best editing, best screenplay, best cinematography, jury prize, and jury prize runner-up were all awarded to the film by the judging panel, along with audience choice and audience choice runner-up being selected by the crowd.

The prize for best actor was awarded to Raffi Krikorian for his performance in the jury prize winning film Trifecta, a horror-thriller about two brothers hunted by a monster.

The prize for best actress was awarded to Mariamawit Altesab for her performance in the film, Bad Trip, a cautionary tale about the effects of psychedelics.

The award for best editing was awarded to The Devil in my eye, a narrative about the devil that had a surprise twist.

Audience choice runner-up was awarded to Baby Fever, a film in which two girls struggle to overcome a group of babies bent on world domination.

Alieu Samurai, an action film about an old samurai and his apprentice’s struggle against evil, was awarded best screenplay and audience choice.

Best cinematography was awarded to The After Effect, a short film about a soldiers struggle with PTSD.

The award for jury prize runner-up was giving to The Assignment, a movie about the great lengths a girl will go to to pass her math class, and the award for best documentary was awarded to Gods Got Us, a film about a student and a rapper who make room in their lives for Ramadan.

After much deliberation from the judging panels and crowds, the students were given their awards on stage to much applause from the crowd.