BCAA to become the BSU

Suad Mohamed, Co-Editor in Chief

As the Black Cultural Awareness Association ushers in a new group of officers, the club has also decided to revamp itself as a Black Student Union.

The plan was formulated by future President Kadijah Janneh, Vice President Laila Elbahy, and Secretary Abby Kitila

“Everyone agreed that there needed to be some sort of change. Before elections two weeks ago, we were trying to come up with ideas for the future of the club, and changing into a BSU was at the forefront of all of our plans,” Janneh said.

One benefit of changing into a BSU includes the fact that there would be more organization.

“While there is a bigger, national BSU organization, there is no such thing for BCAA,” Kitila said.

Additionally, members of the future BSU would be able to obtain a cord for graduation, while the same could not be done for BCAA.

“It’s going to be nice to have some sort of recognition at the end of the year to show all the hard effort we put into the club besides a t-shirt and a group picture,” Elbahy said.

Along with these changes come others. In order to better align the ideals of the faction at AHS with those of the national organization, there will be more changes on who can join the club.

“Since there are cords involved, we are in the talks of making changes such as raising the GPA requirement so as to ensure that we have the best of the best serving as members,” BCAA’s sponsor Phil Harris said. “In addition to that, we need to add more community service opportunities to help people in the community and to have a purpose.”