AHS hosts PSTD night


Recently, Annandale High School hosted a PSTD night for future teen drivers and their parents in the school’s auditorium.The orientation was hosted by health and PE teachers Bryan Molle and Craig Dodd. 


 During PSTD night, students and parents sit through a 90 minute orientation about safe teen driving. 


In the orientation, the Health and PE teachers cover “things that teens can do in order to help them become safer drivers as well as how parents can work in order to help their teens become and develop to be better drivers as they’re learning,” Health & Physical Education Teacher Bryan Molle said.  


In addition to that, they also talk about what a driver should do if stopped by a traffic officer and how to best react in the situation. 


 Sophomore Ishat Hannan who attended the first orientation said, “I feel like it was very informational, both for the students and their parent/guardian. Personally for me, it helped me start a discussion with my parents about overall driving, safety, and hazards.”


Some students also felt that the 90 minutes was a very long time to sit through a presentation.  “It should’ve just been for adults. I don’t know why kids had to go too,” sophomore Isra Kertgate said.


Although 90 minutes seems like quite a long time for some, it is a must if you want to graduate.  As part of a graduation requirement, all highschool students must take the driver’s ed course and attend this lecture.  But don’t stress if you missed this recent one. During the school year Annandale High School hosts one PSTD night per quarter.  There will be another orientation on November 13, February 5, and April 15. In addition, other Fairfax County high schools also hosts PSTD nights each school year.


In order to get in, students are required to show up on time with a parent or legal guardian.  No older siblings, relatives, or family friends are allowed unless it won’t count toward the graduation requirement.


This orientation is free for all 10th graders every year, but for any upperclassmen, you must register online at any drivers ed program and pay a fee.


When asked what he hopes students and parents will get out of this night, Molle replied, “I hope that they learn that driving can be fun, but it can also be very dangerous…it’s a great privilege, but it’s also something that’s gotta be taken very seriously.”