New laptops come to Annandale


Vivian Phan, Staff Writer

With a new school year beginning, many things are changing like our new principal and new tardy policy. Included in those changes are the new laptops.


These new laptops are the Dell Latitude 3300 model. The laptop’s market price is from $400-$500 per laptop. 


The old models were the Dell 3380 and the HP Probook. These models were around the same price point of the new ones.


According to the technology support specialist Michael Elion, the old laptops were given to the elementary schools.


When asked why the Dell Latitude 3300 model was chosen, Mr. Elion explained that “They were chosen for their total cost, durability, and reliability.”


The Latitude 3380 model had a 4GB memory compared to the 3300 model’s memory of up to 16 GB. 


When asked which model he preferred and why, sophomore Jin Ho Yoo-Rodriguez answered, “I prefer this school year’s laptop rather than the old one because it’s much faster, but the only thing I don’t like about the new ones is that almost everything is blocked.” 

“I had a project for history and one of the websites was blocked and I couldn’t really do it (the project). So if they could resolve the problem in which the laptops don’t have almost every single application or any website blocked, that would be much better,” Yoo-Rodriguez said.


When asked which model she preferred and why, sophomore Isra Kertgate explained “I don’t really have a preference, as long as it works. I do think this ones (this year’s) faster and I like the typing sound, but I hate that they block almost everything.”