Mid Autumn festival held at the Eden Center



Although the actual date of the Mid-Autumn Festival is September 13th;

on October 5th, the Eden Center (located in Falls Church) will be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also known as Têt Trung Thu to Vietnamese people. 


From the beginning, the festival’s purpose has been to celebrate a good harvest and the moon, but as time went on, it became more of a celebration about children. This makes this festival a great event for families


“From my experience, seeing the culture grow in America, it’s very fascinating,” senior Kim Truong said.


 “We get to see all these traditions and all these dances and all the food and what activities people are doing to represent their cultures.”


The Mid-Autumn Festival at Eden Center is a fun day for kids and their families to enjoy. With tons of traditions like lantern lighting, moon cake eating, and lion dance performances, you really get to experience a genuine piece of Vietnamese culture.  


The lion dance performance at the Mid-Autumn Festival is a big part of the holiday and many other Vietnamese holidays. “I’ve been doing it for 4 years now and I do it to promote Vietnamese culture,” Halbert Nguyen, a member of the lion dance team, said. “I do it also to help out the community.” 


Another member of the lion dance team, Matthew Tran said, “I love being Viet[namese]. I do lion dancing because I have loved it ever since I joined a couple of years ago.”