Don’t call them angels

Sydney Long, Staff Writer

What’s all the talk on the new song “don’t call me angel” ? The new song with  vocals split between Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey has many people talking.

The song is already on track to place No. 1 on the UK official charts and is No.1 on official charts. If this single reaches the top 40 on the tally, it would be one of a few songs by a group of females to earn this title

The song “ Don’t call me Angel” was a project for the new 2019 movie “Charlie’s angels”. That will be released Nov. 15 2019.

The term “angel” is associated with heavenly innocence and harmlessness. Which is supposed to relate to the characteristics of the angels in “Charlie’s angels”

Annandale student Neylan Mceuen thinks that “it’s okay, but I wouldn’t put it on a play list, or if it came on on the radio I would switch the station because it’s not a hype song, it’s just not fun. I like Ariana and I listen to her but it wasn’t her type of song, it would have been better if Ariana grande would have done the song by herself she didn’t need the other two.”

Student Limia bahar says she “really likes the music video the three combinations of artist was unexpected and unlike Neylan I actually liked their vocals all together. I liked the song because it was hype but at the same time it had a calm feeling to it. I also like the music video. It was interesting to watch”