Fauzah’s side hustle

What made you start doing hair? I started practicing because it was a passion of mine ever since I was little. Also my entire family knows how to do hair.

When did you start? I started when I was 9 years old but I started doing other people when I was 11.

What kind of hair styles do you do? Braids, cornrows, extensions, passion twist, wig installs, kinky twist, faux locs, goddess locs, goddess braids, lemonade braids, clip ins, boxer braids, marley twist, slick backs, bob box braids, fulani braids and crochet.

How did you start? When I was younger I started doing it on my dolls, and when I was in 7th grade i started doing hair on my sister and then i progressed to myself and other people.

What made you turn into a business? Because people told me I was really good, also that it would be good money.

How busy is your schedule? During summer I had an appointment every day because everyone wanted a protective style over the summer because it was a “hot girl summer”. Also she can only do it over the weekends because its hard because she has to catch up on projects and stuff.

-fauziah Kargdo

Did you like the experience ? yes, she did a great job and made me feel welcomed when i came.

What kind of hairstyles did you get? I got my hair done in cornrows  going back.

How did you hear about her? Her friends said she does hair and she offered to do my hair and since then ive been going back to her.

– Darrell Pitts

How did you get your hair done? I got two cornrows and then i got six cornrows

Would you recommend her? Yes i would recommend her to both boys and girls and I liked my experience 

How many times did you get it done by her? I got it done a lot, probably about over 10 times

How did you hear about her? I heard about her from her friends and on her instagram page

-Robert  Latore

What hairstyle did you get done? I got box braids they were average sized 

Did you enjoy your experience? yes i liked it but it took a really long time to do

Would you recommend this experience? Yes i would 

How did you hear about her? I have her on instagram. 

-Lidia Mengistu