Need your brows done?

As a high school student most kids look for a way to make fast money or a job and for Camily Salvador she picked up Eyebrow threading.  Eyebrow threading is the art of using thread to pluck eyebrow hair, usually it’s hard to find it at a cheap price and still have it look good, but Camily makes it work. “I learned how to thread my own eyebrows first, because I didnt have time to go out and get them done every time due to my busy schedule” she says. It then grew to the point where she got good enough To do other people’s eyebrows. She does them anywhere that’s good for her customers and she only chargers $5.  She has done them on a lot of people “They are all happy with their experience and all ways come back” she says. Freshman Catherine Connell got her eyebrows done said that, “It wasn’t a painful experience, it hurt less than expected and I was very happy with the outcome and it was very convenient. I would definitely come back”.