Students spend time at Ossian

Sydney Long, Staff Writer

Ossian park is the closest park to Annandale highschool. Many Annandale students go there after school or during weekends. At the park, students can do multiple activities like playing basketball, soccer, or just hanging out with friends. 

“I go to Ossian park once a week” sophomore Yeabsira sahlu says. “I go to play basketball and to hang out with friends.”

Although it provides students with a fun nearby place for them to play games, many believe that work needs to be done.

“ I think it is a great park for the community” junior Melek Mohammed says. “But it needs a little cleaning in some areas.”

Ossian is often filled with garbage. Some areas are nice, yes, but most trash cans are overflowed and trash is all over the playgrounds. 

Football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey all practice on the soccer field at the park and softball plays their games at the softball field. You would think that since so many annandale sports team practice and play there that better care would be taken of the park.

However, last season the annandale JV and varsity softball team spent one practice picking up trash and recycling. They picked up all of the trash around the entire park and the trash surrounding the trash cans. Not only do they pick up trash around the park they replace the trash bags in the trash cans. 

Although it was a nice attempt, it is not enough. Every student and team that practices there should start to make an effort in cleaning up the park.

Ossian is a park that many people enjoy. The students who go there need to be more conscious of the trash that they are leaving by either picking it up or properly disposing of their waste.