The truth doesn’t hurt

Mary Endalkachew, Staff Writer

So what’s the big hype on this new song “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo? This new song by Milissa Vivian Jefferson or also known as “Lizzo.” It is currently number one on the Billboard Hot 100, yes number one. She has been at this spot for four weeks, setting a record as the the female solo rap song with most consecutive weeks at number one, surpassing “Bodack Yellow,” by Cardi B. Lizzo says the song was inspired by her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her through a voicemail. 

The song talks about moving on with your life and is a real confidence boost for females. However there are some students that don’t like the song. “I don’t really like the song Truth Hurts by Lizzo because it’s really repetitive and kind of annoying,” Says sophomore, Iman Hamdela. “I also hear it everywhere I go and it’s getting old.” But most students think otherwise.

 “Truth Hurts by Lizzo is a very inspirational song written for our generation. The song empowers those who have been overlooked, and hidden from society. Lizzo is an amazing artist who deserves the success she got from this song. I think this song is special because it really reaches out to our minority communities. I love that she managed to get such progressuve thinking into a song,” says freshman, Ruftana Beyene.