A change to a lifelong homecoming tradition

Homecoming court is a big deal for many students in high school. A traditional homecoming court has a male and female who are voted by their peers to be homecoming royalty. 

This year, AHS is doing it different. Everyone will nominate whoever they think should be in the homecoming court, it does not have to be one male and one female. After the students are nominated they will go to the field and the teachers will choose who is going to win. 

“I don’t like the idea that there shouldn’t be titles like king/ queen and it’s just court because I feel like it’s apart of the tradition, it’s apart of what makes it fun,” freshman Ruftana Beyene said. “Not only that but why would you change something that’s been like this for so long.”

The new way of homecoming royalty is very controversial among the students. Many don’t believe it should change. 

“The court is not very smart, I think we should go back to how it was last year because if no one had a problem with it then they shouldn’t change it,” senior Zoriah Brown said.

Some students agree with the decision and they believe it is fair to everyone. 

“I think it’s a fair chance for everyone to win. It’s not only one girl and one boy and everyone has their own chance to win it just depends on who’s chosen and I agree with what they did this year.” senior Estifanos Hailu said.