“Countdown” to this movie

It starts off in a college party when a group of friends discover an app called “countdown” and find out that the app tells you exactly when you are going to die. when one of the friends finds out she is going to die in a few hours she feels a little scared.

After the party she was supposed to go home with her boy friend but he was super drunk and she was still nervous about the app so he walks home and she dies in the house while her boyfriend gets in an accident at the same time of her death and a branch went through the seat she would have sat in if she went with him.

While her boyfriend is at the hospital recovering he tells a new nurse Quinn Harris (who is played by Elizabeth Lail) about the app and she was intrigued by it so she downloads it and it says she was going to die in 2 days (the day of her mother’s death anniversary). So she decides to cancel her plans to go with her dad and sister to her mom’s grave and then she starts to see stuff so she tries to delete the app. But she can’t.

So she decides to get a new phone and at the story she meets Matt (who’s played by Jordan Calloway) who also has a few days to live. Later on in the movie Quinn Harris finds out that her sister is also supposed to die on the same day but 3 minutes earlier. So for the rest of the movie Quinn and Matt go around trying to find out how they can stop the clock. 

“Countdown” in my opinion is a really good movie for people who enjoy horror. It makes you feel for the characters, when they are happy you are happy, when they are scared you feel scared, when the grief you grief with them, and leaves you in suspense.  There is a lot of pop ups and it shows everything which I really like. But the movie is a lot like “final destination” they both have the same plot but it doesn’t make “countdown” any less interesting.