Should concessions be open during school?


The after school concessions are always packed with hungry students on a daily basis. Concessions are very convenient for after school students, like athletes or club members, who need something to eat, but can’t go anywhere far. The food at concessions are also very cheap which are perfect for students who don’t have a lot of cash.

Food sold at concessions range from small snacks such as chips and candy to more filling foods such as mac and cheese and cup noodles.

Although concessions are very convenient for people who stay after school, what about the students who are hungry during the school day but don’t want school food or can’t afford UberEats?

“If kids don’t like the school lunch they could always go to the concession stands and get food there,” sophomore Jovanni Jaldin said. 

“Students could volunteer for it in the morning and during lunch.”

“During the day students can be low on energy because they didn’t have breakfast,” freshman Jeslyn Vo said.

While some students think that opening concessions during school would be super beneficial, there are also others who thought that others could live without it.

“It might be good but there’s already lots of opportunities for food like second breakfast and lunch,” freshman Elina Frey said.

“But I also feel like if they already have second breakfast, having concessions through the day won’t be as effective,” Vo said.