Starting all over

It’s about that time, where seniors in highschool start sending in their applications to the college of their dreams. But what is that transition gonna be like? The major switch from highschool to college. Are the classes that much harder? Do you need a 4.0 to get in? Should you visit the college? And you have to adapt to life on your own. No mom, no dad. 

Some kids might be lucky and have an older sibling already in college who can guide them through the process. Going through such a change in your life, can’t be easy on your own. 

“Honestly, I am kind of scared. It’s a new domain that I don’t really know about. Both of my older sisters go to George Mason, but I don’t think they would have time to help me with the process.” Senior Paramvir Singh said. 

“It would probably suck moving away from home, I get home sick and I think I would have trouble taking care of myself. But I would honestly enjoy it because it would be a lot more liberating living on my own.” Another senior, Branden Kim stated. 

College can be very intimidating. Brand new school, new classes, new hallways that you have to navigate, and most importantly, new people. Maybe, some of your old friends from highschool might end up at the same college as you. But, the likely turn out, is that you will have a fresh start, able to make new friends. 

In all, college can be a beast. But once you find your passion and what you love to do, you will develop a plan of your own, and you will find success in everything you do.