AHS Orchestra holds Tag Day

On Nov 16, the Annandale High School Orchestra held their annual Tag Day. Tag Day is an annual fundraising event that that the orchestra, band, and choir department holds. Band and choir already had their Tag Day near the start of the school year.

During Tag Day, orchestra members went from door to door in neighborhoods in the school area to ask for donations. They left envelopes with an informational pamphlet on the doorsteps for those who weren’t home so that they could send a donation in later if they wanted to. 

Every year, Tag Day is the orchestra’s biggest fundraising event that helps them bring in the most money. This year they had a goal of $5,000, which they successfully reached. It takes a big team with many people to organize it and pull it off.

The money raised will be used for Orchestra needs. “We fundraise for instruments, for scholarships for students, and to pay for our sectional coaches who come and work with students every year, ”orchestra director Larissa Marian said. In addition, the money helps to fund the students’ spring trip to New York.

Besides volunteering to help benefit the orchestra, the students who volunteered also had a fun time. They got to spend the whole day with their friends while walking around asking for donations. “My favorite part from Tag Day was spending time with my friends and observing the different reactions of people when we asked them to support our orchestra,” sophomore Ishat Hannan said. “I enjoyed volunteering because it was a fun experience and I got to do it with my friends.”

In addition, the students who volunteer get a warm feeling from doing something that helps to benefit the orchestra. “My favorite part from tag day is when we got to go to different neighborhoods and ask for donations and got positive feedback from people that answered and took their effort to donate,” senior Janine Impat said.