Black Friday brings madness

Black Friday is just around the corner and students at AHS are ready for the madness. Many stores around the area open their doors right after Thanksgiving dinner. Thousands of people are already camped outside for the big sales.

Some students find Black Friday overrated and dangerous. “I think Black Friday is dangerous because it gets really crowded and people are too excited about the sales that they don’t pay attention to where they’re going,” Sophomore Sabrin Gabow said. “Many people also carry pepper spray with them which is really scary.”

People during Black Friday tend to stay up for it which gives them barely any energy to function. Many fights tend to break out throughout the whole night causing severe incidents. “I have seen people get ran over and it was really scary,” junior Feben Stephanose said. “I don’t really recommend going Black Friday shopping because I think it’s not worth it.”

Although the sales might be extravagant many people have never been Black Friday shopping before. “I have never been Black Friday shopping because my mom thinks its unsafe.” Junior Fauzuh Karbago said. “I’ve always wanted to try it, I feel like it would be a good experience because the sales are really good.”

Many students tend to resort to Cyber Monday which is way less hectic and less stressful. Many online stores hold great deals for people who missed out on Black Friday. Students tend to gravitate towards Cyber Monday because it is much easier and is less work.

“I love shopping on Cyber Monday because I feel relaxed and it gives me time to look at what I want to get” Stephanose said.

Although Black Friday might be chaotic people love sales and will always be prepared for madness.