Harry Styles to release new album

Harry Styles, a former member of boy-band One Direction, is releasing his second solo album, Fine Line, on December 13. His fans are excited for the date, many of whom have recently watched him perform Watermelon Sugar, his latest single from the album, on Saturday Night Live.

His first album, the debut self-titled album, did well considering it was number one on the US Billboard 200 and went platinum. It is expected, especially from his fans, that his sophomore album will receive the same treatment. “I think it will be successful because his latest song already went all over Tik Tok and other social media,” junior Kaylyn Allen said.

When he was with One Direction, their music was often categorized as pop, but his music has recently transformed into more of a soft rock sound. This has left his fans anticipating what to expect from his upcoming album. “Based on his new album cover and his past music having more of a pop mainstream sound, I think it will consist of music that sounds older and gives off 80’s and 90’s vibes,” junior Jocelin Rivera said.

Styles took to his Instagram account to announce the tracklist for the album, revealing that there were 12 songs, including his first single, Lights Up, and the latest, Watermelon Sugar. Fans were quick to ask the rock star about his favorite song from the album, which he responded to in a tweet with a series of asterisks.

Another thing that has left the fans speculating is the possibility of artist features. While the singer has not directly responded, his fans on Twitter were quick to wonder whether they would see a collaboration with their favorite artists.

Ultimately, Styles has die-hard fans who would practically listen to anything he drops. They’re always ready for anything he throws their way. “I’m honestly really stoked,” Senior Tina Nguyen said, “he’s one of my favorite artists and I’m always so eager to listen to the amazing music he releases.”

The former boy-band idol recently announced dates from his 2020 Love on Tour.