Is studying abroad worth it?

Yes, it is worth studying abroad and here’s why: you’ll find employment faster than the average American, higher starting salaries than the average American, and better ways to help work with the diverse environment.

Reason 1: Less Time For Getting A Job

According to the University of California, provided by, within 12 months of graduation, college graduates found employment. However, only 49% of college graduates from the United States found employment in the same  time period. Say you decided to study abroad but your twin sister decided to stay in America and attend college. After graduating, six months after, you found a job. On the other hand your twin sister is still looking for a job. Study abroad students are  twice as likely to find a job than the average American. To support this, the University of California stated that 90% of study abroad students landed a job.

Reason 2: Higher Salaries

By studying abroad not only will you have a better chance at finding a job quickly but along with that a high paying salary will come along with it. A British study found that their study abroad graduates out-earned their peers by 17%. US students would be making approximately $7,000 annually, therefore the average study abroad student earns  an extra $567,500 over one’s career in the US.

Reason 3: Better Working In Diverse Areas

By studying abroad, ( depending on the country and your background) you’ll be introduced to a different culture and a different language. This will definitely put you out of your comfort zone and help you work with people in different ways. According to the University Of California 80% of study abroad students reported that studying abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments.

Studying abroad will indeed be the best choice anyone can make when it comes to deciding on their future. Many different benefits will come out of such an experience. Studying abroad will introduce new culture, language, more opportunities of travel, a new look on life and much.