Students’ opinions on AirPods

As people know Airpods are popular and many students like them but they aren’t perfect like they get dirty easily, not water-resistant and they are also easy to lose. The Airpod pro was released on Tuesday, October 29th. As always apple improved its product and the new Airpods cover most of these problems and even have more features but as always students have something to say about it. 

Some say it’s not worth it because they just change the look and nothing else and others say they didn’t just chang it’s appearance, they also added some features but they’re not worth it. While few people think it’s worth every penny and they want to buy it or already have it. “ I personally don’t like the look and I don’t necessarily think they are that much change or change that are worth buying for” Said Freshman Andrea Sandoval Dunford

The new Airpods have features like transparency mode, noise cancellation, and customizable fit. They are also water and sweat resistant, but they are not waterproof or sweatproof and also they don’t come in many color options there’s only white which gets really dirty easily. Many students like the features but aren’t sure they are worth the money because of the look but others aren’t aware of some of the features except the look changed. “I’m glad I waited long enough to see whatever comes next before buying the product and I can’t wait until I get them,” Said Freshman Sahra Omar 

Many students are fine with the Airpod they have or whatever current headphones or earbuds they use and they don’t think it worth the money or they just don’t like the appearance of it. Others want to upgrade or buy the new Airpods and they might not love the look but they think the features are great and they think it worth it. “I’m fine with Airpods I have I don’t think it worth time and money to go get the new Airpods,” Said Freshman Fithe Simachew.