What makes a good teacher

Teachers are very important in student’s lives. They have a big influence on what student’s future will become. By seeing each other daily, it’s harder for them to not have such a big influence on young minds.

These are opinions from students at Annandale High school in what they believe makes a good teacher.

“A good teacher should be able to teach students well instead of being lazy in their classrooms. Teachers play a big role by just teaching and if students need guidance a good teacher should be able to give it,” said Sophomore Muhammad Vasal. “ I don’t think that any AHS teachers carry the traits that I want and need.”

“Personally, I need a teacher that is patient and understands my weaknesses, and strengths,” said Kim Tran, a Sophomore. “Daily, teachers help me by being someone there I can talk to with my problems and when I have hardships.”

The new modern-day technology is more than ready and is well equipped to teach children. Since they carry a vast about of information they are able to personalized learning however the realization that information is just a very small part of what is needed for students.

Stella Wang, a sophomore said, “Well I feel like education today is changing. Teachers don’t need to physically be there to teach these days but can instead use technology.” When asked if she would rather learn through a computer that can personalize learning or learn with a teacher who is physically there with a class she stated, “I really like teachers who communicate well and that I can connect with so I’d rather learn with actual people.”

Schools bring more than just learning subjects. Underdeveloped minds are able to find beneficial influence for the future and have access to support for social-emotional learning.

“The teacher can make sure that kids can continue learning by giving motivation and make learning fun which I think are essential qualities in a good teacher. But I also think when teachers use technology to learn such, like Kahoot, providing the activities so kids are more willing to learn is also really great.”