FCPS gets a day off


Due to the possibility of snow, there was a two hour early release on Tuesday, while there was no school yesterday. This is because of the possibility of hazardous roads later on today. Many students are very happy about this as are teachers. 

The county hasn’t had that much snow day, in fact, this might be the first one this year and it doesn’t really count as snow say because we didn’t have the whole day off but despite all of that it is very exciting and thrilling.  “I’m glad that there was 2 hours early release because today is my country’s Christmas so now I could spend time with my family,” Said Fithe Simachew.


 All lunches and breakfast where about the same time but the class where switch up we have 45 minutes for each class except R5. Many students strongly feel that there shouldn’t have school at all and today was just was of time while others disagree and they’re glad to be back for the long break. 


This affects a lot of student in a good and bad way like since it been a long break and this quarter is going to be over in about to 2 or more week which means they need to catch classes they missed, fix their grades, makeup works or study for coming up test. On the good side, you can relax and rest for the rest of the day. 


All after school activities have been canceled. Actually, a lot of people are disappointed about that. “ I’m so happy I get to go home because it’s Ethiopian Christmas plus we haven’t had so much snow days and I like to see it snow and celebrate the holiday with my family for the rest of the day,” Said Delina


Overall despite many people being excited about the 2 hours delay for different reason, there are still people who don’t benefit for it or agree with. Have a great day for the rest of your day and use it wisely.