The yearly elective fair is in action

Every year, the elective fair takes place near the end of the first semester. The purpose is to pitch new electives to students for the upcoming year.

“I’m excited to experience my first elective fair. It’s a great way to understand the classes more and learn about each elective,” freshman Ruftana Beyene said.

At the elective fair, there are going to be different stations explaining what each elective has to offer. Classes such as culinary and photography are very popular among students.

The fair will be held during W4. Seniors are excused from going while all other classes must attend.

“The yearly elective fair is a great way to get to know the orchestra program, It’s a family, it is a place where everyone belongs no matter your skill ability. It is a great way group that you will grow along with,” Orchestra teacher Ms.Marian said.

Students are supposed to select four potential classes and a fifth as a “backup class.” Depending on the classes you choose, teachers will explain their class so you can get a stronger understanding before taking the course.

The fair is a great way to understand all the courses so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

“It’s really helpful so I know what’s out there to choose from so I can pick electives that I’m interested in,” freshman Hannah Vaughn said.