Teaching careers on the decline


The decline of teachers has been a recurring issue in Fairfax County and across the US. In FCPS, schools lose about 11% of teachers every year. 

Not only is the problem shown directly through the number of teachers leaving, but the stigma about teaching among students shows why it has been thrown under the bus as a career.

To combat this issue, FCPS has will host the second annual Back2Fairfax Teacher Seminar at the Gatehouse Administration Center. 

The event will provide current FCPS high school juniors, seniors, graduates, and former Teachers for Tomorrow students an opportunity to meet, hear and learn from teachers and administrators who work for FCPS. 

The event will be held on Tues, Dec. 17 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Those who attend Back2Fairfax will participate in breakout sessions that will inform students about a variety of topics related to a teaching career. 

Some sessions include developing a resume, preparing for an interview, applying for a license, finding the school that is the right fit, and teacher and administrator panels.

One of the sessions even includes a talk from former FCPS high school students who returned to the county as teachers, something that is very common in a county with such great benefits for teachers.

In addition, students will also have the opportunity to hear from representatives from various organizations such as Title I, Early Childhood, Pre-Teacher Employment with FCPS, Great Beginnings, Teacher Leadership and Employee Benefits.

With events such as Back2Fairfax, representatives in the county are working to encourage students to consider teaching careers.. 

However, many students recognize the problems with a teaching career.

“It isn’t a very high paying job,” senior Kia Morawetz said. 

Regardless, current students need teachers to succeed and the US education system needs new teachers as time goes on.