Prom location revealed


Last week, the senior class held a meeting in the cafeteria while underclassmen participated in the Election Fair.

Many upcoming activities were discussed.

The location of Prom was revealed, with the dance to be taking place at the Waterford in Springfield on Fri., April 17.

It was also announced that tickets will cost $50.

While the Student Government board decided that the theme will revolve around the Roaring 20’s, they also opened up an opportunity for students to give ideas of what else they want for there to be at Prom, such as decorations.

“We are looking forward to members of the class sending in ideas in the Google form that we provided because their input will help us make Prom more enjoyable for them,” senior class Vice President Kadijah Janneh said.

It was also reaffirmed that graduation will be held at D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. on Thurs., June 4 following rumors that the event would be moved to EagleBank Arena.

A Google form was also provided so that seniors could vote for which teacher they would want to speak at graduation.

In addition, the class officers talked about fundraising activities.

These include crowd funding on MySchoolBucks, which has an incentive as students get $5 off their ticket for every $50 that is donated on their behalf.

Other sources of fundraising that were mentioned include window washing and gaining profits from basketball events, such as the three-point contest and a faculty game.

“We want to lower the price of tickets for Prom and other things as much as possible so that everybody can get a chance to attend,” Janneh said.

In addition, members from the Antenna Yearbook talked about senior superlatives and senior quotes.

Seniors who want a quote, which can range from song lyrics to jokes, in the yearbook can do so for free.

However, there is limited space, so those who are interested should send pictures, names, and quotes to [email protected] as soon as possible.

This year’s senior superlatives include eight categories: most fashionable, class clown, most talented, most athletic, most likely to succeed, most school spirit, best glow-up, and worst case of senioritis.

While in the past, there was one male and one female winner, the two people with the most votes will be named the winners, regardless of gender.

A Google form was also provided so that seniors could vote for senior superlatives.

“We want seniors to be able to look at the yearbook and say that it has been representative of their last year of high school,” senior and Antenna Yearbook editor Nia Lewis said. “So we really hope everyone sends a quote and votes for superlatives.”