Need something to watch?

Queen and slim is about two black characters who go on a tinder date it starts off a little awkward and you can tell that there is no chemistry.  After the date on the ride back home they get pulled over by a cop and he gets aggressive and you can tell that he was trigger happy and racist.

The cop and Slim (the guy) get into a little brawl and the cop ends up being the one that gets shot.  The couple were scared so they fled the scene and throughout the whole movie they try to find new places to hide and people they can stay with. They become a hero figure to the black community. 

In my opinion, this was a really good movie to watch it’s like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde but with less violence.  The movie highlight what it’s like to be black in america the struggles we go through. I really like this movie because both of the leads were black and that’s not something you see a lot right now. 

It makes you feel for the characters and it shows the process very well. I highly recommend this movie to anyone it captures your attention and it will not let you down.