What it’s like in the day of an athlete

Being a student athlete is hard, but do people truly understand how hard it is?  Most students wake up at 6:30 am to get ready for school then spend seven long hours in school learning and after school they go to practice and they finish practice at 5 go home and do 3 hours of homework.

This may sound easy but it’s not.  You have to keep in mind that some people spend 10 to 15 minutes to get home after practice and they might not even get picked up directly after school. On average a student might wait 5-15 minutes for their parents to come and pick them up after school. There is so much wasted time before they even get home. 

When they do go home they need to take a shower eat and have a little time to relax. With all that plus homework the athlete will probably end up sleeping at 11 or maybe even 12 and that’s if they’re lucky. Then they have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning and do all that all over again. Between going to practice and doing homework they don’t really have time to do anything else.  

Then there comes Game days. Most games usually finish around 10 pm and when the athlete goes home they are tired from a long day of school and a game.  They have to go home and do all the homework that have. This means they will sleep around 1am or maybe even 2 in the morning. This makes it very hard to keep a good sleeping schedule and stay on top of their tasks and for those that can keep on top of their tasks that often don’t do anything else other than schools and homework.

Being a high school athlete is hard trying to balance everything and still have a social life. You are often tired from school and sore from practice and games. It is not recommended for students who lack time management skills.  For those who can handle it, it’s a big task to take on so props to them.