Groundhog forecasts for an early spring

Groundhog forecasts for an early spring

On Feb. 2, Groundhog day happened, which although occurs in Pennsylvania, is celebrated nationwide. 

Just like all the years prior, the annual tradition of a groundhog popping out of the ground and looking for its shadow occurred. 

This year the groundhog, whose name is Phil, didn’t see his shadow which forecasts for an early spring. 

So far, Phil’s forecast has been quite spot on, in Northern Virginia at least. 

It has been uncharacteristically warm, compared to past years, for the first week of February. It’s not just February that has had unusual weather though. 

This whole winter season has been off, seeing as though there has only been 1 snow day in FCPS. The unusual weather has produced some mixed responses, some totally for the warmer weather and others wishing for more snowfall.

The change in weather is making an impact on many, including student athletes.   

“The weather change is kind of annoying because some days you’re wearing long sleeves and long pants, some days you’re shirtless and you’re trying to fit the weather,” sophomore Abel Mehari said, “It just depends on how the weather is and how it applies to us.”

As spring sports start up in late February, teams will begin having their practices. With the warm weather, athletes will make the most of the outside spaces. “Every team starts to go outside now, so it’s harder to get practice spaces,” sophomore Madeline Dosen said, “but it’s nicer to practice because the weather is better. I prefer practicing in warm weather.” 

Although many students would like more snow days, warmer weather is appreciated just as much. Mehari said, “I actually prefer hot weather because we get to take our shirts off and get nutrients, like vitamin D, from the sun.” 

Athletes aren’t the only ones being impacted by the warming weather though. Coaches also rely on the weather and have to plan practices around it. 

“We have practice everyday, no matter what the weather is, but when it’s nicer, the kids don’t have to wear their sweats. We can do different things, as far as conditioning goes because we don’t have to worry about the guys being unprotected against the elements,” Lacrosse coach and English teacher William Maglisceau said.