Are Apple products overrated?


Most people own Apple product because some feel like it a great product while other trying to fit in the world picture if you don’t have some kind of apple product some people make it seem like it the end of world. Apple and Samsung are worldwide companies. There are over 588 million apple product users over the world. 

Apple and Samsung are competitions although it seems like Samsung is a copy cat because every time an Apple product is released they release the same kind of model but cheaper but this day their prices have gone a little higher. Many people confuse Samsung and android. They are by the same system but they aren’t exactly the same. People always refer to Samsung as an android. 

Especially teenagers think if you don’t have an apple product or an iPhone they think it’s not enough and not many students want to be unique anymore they have to be equal or above meaning, they think they have to have every latest apple product and every latest shoes brand or clothes.

“I think Apple is overrated because besides the looks and some of the features it has more cons and the battery doesn’t last that much plus their charger stop working so easily,” sophomore Maraimawit Ezechiel said.


Some of the other students say that they have it for the reasons not just for the look or to be equal with others. They think Apple product is just amazing and the reason so many people like it and have it because it has so many amazing features, models, texture and screen sizes. In many ways, it is by far the best product out there.

“Before the iPhone x and AirPods came out, I had a Samsung galaxy and it was amazing but I really liked the face id feature and the AirPods were just life-changing,” freshman Fithe Simachew said.