BTS gives press conference


BTS at the Global Press Conference.

Two days ago, BTS held a Global Press in South Korea. Since the coronavirus has become a recent concert, Big Hit Entertainment decided to do a live stream with international press instead to protect the idols.

The Global Press conference lasted about an hour and a half, with the exact time being 1:13:39. The questions asked were not selected beforehand, and each question was unique. Towards the end of the conference, BTS did a question and answer session, allowing fans to learn new things about them pending the release of their new album, “Map Of The Soul: 7.”

Each press question was answered by one member at a time. At the very end of the conference, each member had some last words that they wanted to share. Comments on social media about their last words have been trending for the last two days now.

There are officially three versions of the press conference now: a Korean version, an English translation, and a English subbed version. 

This, of course, does not include versions that have been translated by foreign members of the Army, which is the name for BTS’ fanbase.

As far as how the public received this, it was a mixture. Some were upset that they were not able to physically be with BTS, and some were happy that their team was protecting both the press and BTS. 

The Army has been very supportive of what BTS had to say.

Some of the most talked about topics of what BTS had talked about is Kim Seokjin’s, known as Jin, pending enlistment for the military. Since it is mandatory for all males to serve in the military in South Korea, Army have worried about Jin, since he is the oldest of the members. 

Another topic fans have been emotional about is how BTS recognized that the Army has helped them get to where they are now, and they explained how happy they are. The very fact BTS took the time to say this has left Army very happy.

The third and last topic everyone has been talking about is BTS focusing on the present. They explained or talked about their upcoming world tour for “Map Of The Soul: 7.” Even though BTS has many things they plan on for the future, and many things to ponder on in the past, the most important topic out of the conference is focusing on the now.